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WATER        ETHER        EARTH        BLACK

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Do you know why Forevernoon focuses on designing such clothes?
Because each one of us is influenced by a particular element from nature. For instance, you may be a water personality type, but your partner could be an earth type. And that is the reason every person is different from others. Forevernoon venerates that difference and creates mindful yoga attires which are inspired by the five elements so that you can get maximum benefits of practicing yoga.
Well, you may come across many online stores and brands, but while purchasing your yoga outfit it is crucial that you see you are buying mindful yoga clothing keeping all the five elements of nature, namely, air, water, ether, fire, and space in mind.
Also check out our eco-friendly and fair trade Ayurwear section. Always in the eco friendly spirit we have been inspired by the ayurveda philosophy and ayurvedic medicinal plants to dye our clothes for yoga and everyday life.