Top Shambhu Water
Top Shambhu Water
Top Shambhu Water
Top Shambhu Water
Top Shambhu Water

Top Shambhu Water

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Top Shambhu Water

The classic marcel made in our Wonder fabric to allow you to be for 100% in your element combined with your men’s legging or shorts.

Reflections of a warm sunset on the ocean were caught for our moving Waterprint.
Feel the waves!

80% polyamide
20% elastane

Our fabric is recyclable, sustainable, a high technological quality.
It boasts excellent shaping power and is highly resistant to uv rays.
A successful mix of style and performance, which boosts microcirculation and promotes the right muscle oxygenation, both during yoga, sports activity and rest.

Wash your Forevernoon’s in lukewarm water, wring gently and let them dry.
Use soap occasionally.
Best no machines for washing and drying.

Mindful yoga clothing for men                            

Whether you practice ashtanga yoga, bikram yoga, iyengar yoga or vinyasa yoga, comfortable clothing is an indispensable part of yoga practice. Our comfortable clothes not only support you doing postures properly, but also help being mindful and conscious.

Besides, it is essential that you invest only in durable and comfortable clothes that allow your skin to breathe and absorb sweat. Also, the material of the clothes should not be stiff and it should allow you to move with ease. Lastly, the material and the pattern of your yoga clothing should be such that they allow unrestricted movements.

Why you ask…….

Because yoga is not just some exercise, in fact it is a way of life that aligns or unites mind, body and soul. Wearing mindful clothing will help you have the best benefits of practicing yoga and mindfulness. 

Where to get such outfits from…….

Of course, from “FOREVERNOON” the ethical brand and only shop to buy mindful yoga clothes that are inspired by the elements of nature. Yes, only Forevernoon can help you find such ethical fashion. 

Shop for any kind of yoga outfits for men. We at Forevernoon make sure that you get high quality yoga outfits that are made of technical material, comfortable, antiperspirant, bi-stretch, perfect fit and provide you protection from UV rays.

At Forevernoon, outfits for any type of yoga are available. Here you can get our tops Shambhu in Water and Earth design, pants Sharva Water, bermuda Srikanta and shorts Shankara Water, top Shiva Ether, pants Sharva Ether, and many more. All our yoga clothes are also available in black.

Do you know why Forevernoon focuses on designing such clothes?

Because each one of us is influenced by a particular element from nature. For instance, you may be a water personality type, but your partner could be an earth type. And that is the reason every person is different from others. Forevernoon venerates that difference and creates mindful yoga attires which are inspired by the five elements so that you can get maximum benefits of practicing yoga.

Well, you may come across many online stores and brands, but while purchasing your yoga outfit it is crucial that you see you are buying mindful yoga clothing keeping all the five elements of nature, namely, air, water, ether, fire, and space in mind.

Also check out our eco-friendly and fair trade Ayurwear section. What are you waiting for??? Buy your yoga gears now!! Just login at forevernoon website and simply order your yoga outfit!!